The Woolshed Yallah Wedding Videography | Claire + Sam Wedding Highlights

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Claire and Sam absolutely sparkle.

There’s so much to say about these two but there aren’t really any words to describe them…they are generous, kind, quirky and, really, the best people you’ll every meet.

Their story is so incredible that we asked Claire to jot it down for us…


Q: How did you meet?

A: Sam and I dated casually for a few months when we were 19/20! We met at North Gong and we connected straight away. We used to give each other cute gifts – For his 20th birthday I painted him a picture of his favourite car, ‘Panda’ (Old Honda City), covered in chickens (his family owned/ran a chicken farm in Thirlmere). He gave me a glass rose and wrote me a poem – such a romantic! After a while we ended up going our separate ways (I was stupid and went back to my ex!). 9 years went by and we’d both been in long term relationships so we hadn’t spoken at all until one day, he popped up on Bumble (:P), so I knew he was single. We started chatting and it was instant. It’s like no time had passed at all, but that we were all of a sudden more mature versions of ourselves! For our first date, he invited me to Hangdog (haha) and cooked me dinner. I remember when I rocked up to his place he was on the other side of the fence about to let me in. I couldn’t see him but he said ‘Hey’ and laughed a bit. It was so surreal hearing his voice for the first time in so long, it sounded familiar – and I remember my heart started pounding. I think I knew on our first date that he was perfect for me. I think we both knew we’d fall in love quickly too. We talked all night about life and love, our past experiences, how we’ve grown and about what we wanted in life. Sam took me to his garage and showed me the canvas I painted him, still hanging above his work bench. I still have his rose and poem too. Because we’d known each other and hung out years before, there was no need or desire to pull out all stops to impress each other – we’d done all that already. In some ways, it felt like coming home. Everything progressed really quickly from there. That was almost 2 years ago. Within a year we got engaged and bought a house and here we are. Happy and giddy beyond belief!


Q: How did you know you’d found ‘the one’?

A: I knew when we first reconnected! The fact that he asked me to hangdog instead of a fancy restaurant – I knew then! That night he made me a lentil curry, which made me fart – ALL night, and it didn’t bother him. I knew then! When he told me he was reading a book on how to be a better man and we talked in depth about feminine and masculine energies – I knew then. When he told me he’d never really wanted kids with his ex, but he wanted them with me (and I felt the same) – I knew then. We did alot of camping. I remember early on we stayed at a friend’s property in foxground. We set up the swag and brought the dog, Jasper. It was supposed to be a crappy night but the weather turned out incredible. We spent ages lying in the swag with the canvas cover rolled down looking at the stars. I remember Sam saying to me ‘you’re the girl I’ve been looking for’ – I knew then. Also, once on a 4wd trip in the Victorian High Country I was getting into the car and we locked eyes he said ‘its like getting a present every time I look at your eyes’. I wrote it down, because he’s a man of very few words most of the time, but every once in a while he just blurts out something from the heart and I never want to forget his little heart farts!! When we were joining our finances, Sam made an epic functioning spreadsheet that basically accounted for every dollar in and out. He would try and explain it to me and my eyes would glaze over every time. One night he decided he’d try and explain it to me again, but this time he swapped all the words for pictures so I could understand better. I knew then too…


Q: How did you get engaged?

A: It was totally casual and spontaneous (not even planned!). We were in Melbourne. We were a bit hungover one morning and decided to lay in the park in the sun after having a delicious brekky. We were having a conversation about what we love so much about each other and Sam said ‘we should get married then’. I said ‘sure!’, thinking he meant, you know.. down the track… About 20 minutes of conversation passed and we fell quiet for a bit. Sam said, ‘So when do we tell people we’re engaged?’ I’m like ‘WHAT?! We’re engaged?!’ and he said ‘Yeh! I asked you and you said sure…’ It was perfect. No ring, just raw and spontaneous, like our relationship! We went shopping for a ring later that day but I ended up just buying one online a couple of months later.

Get ready to fall in love with Claire + Sam. xx


Location: Yallah, NSW

Ceremony: Jerrara Dam Arborteum

Reception Venue: The Woolshed, Yallah

Celebrant: Lucy Fleming

Photographer: Lakshal Perera

DJ: Brent Cox

Florist: Heart and Soul Flowers

Hair: Jaida Hair

Make Up: Oak and Eve Beauty

Claire’s Dress: Rue de Seine

Sam’s Suit: Institchu

Cake: Zweefers

Jewellery: Carou

Band: Hot Potato Band