Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Having An Unplugged Ceremony

There are a lot of fun and gorgeous trends in the wedding industry that look great on Pinterest but are hard to pull off in real life – but there is one trend that is easily our favourite and, fingers crossed, it’s here to stay.

An unplugged ceremony isn’t as sexy as cut-out-wooden name places or a pretty wild flower crown but it is something definitely worth considering and, besides choosing each other, it might be the best decision you make.

There are a number of reasons why an unplugged ceremony, or even an unplugged wedding, may be the prefect fit for your day – and we wanted to give you a few thought-provoking points to mull over.

Oh side note: If you haven’t heard of an unplugged ceremony, it’s where you ask your guests to re-frame from taking photos or being on their phones during your ceremony. Just like they did back in the good ol’ days everyone is fully present and focused on celebrating this moment with you rather than picking a cheeky Instagram filter.

  1. You Hired A Professional For A Reason

If your hiring a professional photographer and videographer to capture your wedding day it’s probably because you recognize that your memories are in better hands with industry-pros that with great aunt Marthar and her giant iPad.

Seriously though – in spite of the fact that you’ve spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS hiring your wedding photographer and videographer you know great aunt Marthar is going to tote that iPad to your wedding and she’s going to pull it out – just like she does at and, without putting the damn thing on silent she’s going to happy-snap her way through your ‘I Do’s’.

We can not tell you how many times we’ve lined up a gorgeous shot of the ceremony and we’re recording this heart-felt, funny, just ‘so-the-two-of-you’ moment and then BAM – like the worlds worst ninja great aunt Marthar’s head pops in front of the camera and thank gawwwwd she caught your first kiss on her giant iPad because we sure didn’t.

…ok we’re slightly exaggerating – we’ve never missed a first kiss yet, but you get the idea.

  1. This Is Not A Press Conference.

Every married person you speak to before your wedding day will tell you ‘relax, enjoy it, it goes so fast.’ They’ll tell you, you’ll nod and only half believe them and then after your wedding day you’ll inflict the same impossible-to-follow advice upon every engaged person you meet.

It’s the circle of wedding life.

And as your friendly neighborhood wedding videographer we literally watch this play out frame by frame at every wedding.

First nervous bride walks up the aisle focused on nervous and trying-not-to-cry groom.

Then they hold hands and do the giddy, OMG-this-is-happening hand bounce – it’s cute and in that moment you can tell they’ve forgotten that everyone else, including the celebrant, is even there.

And then you can see the wheels turning in the brides mind ‘hmmm, I’m getting married, oh this is fun…hey didn’t I invite people to come to this…?’ and then she turns and looks at her guests ready to beam all the love and light she feels in that moment straight at them and BAM – there are no guests, no admiring or loving faces, just a sea of phone cameras and camcorders staring back at her. Great aunt Marthar leading the charge as everyone gets trigger happy and clicks their way through the entire ceremony.

…ok, again, we’re slightly exaggerating – we both know your dad has no idea how to even find the camera app on his phone so not EVERYONE is taking photos of you – but enough are and it’s just not as fun as you think it would be to be in the moment when no one else is in it with you.

  1. Don’t Let People Steal Your Thunder

We love social media – and so do your guests.

You look a million bucks on your wedding day – you really do. You’ve had a team, a legit team of amazing hair and beauty pros wax and polish every inch of you and then you’ve topped it all off with a killer dress. You look AMAZING.

First of all – getting hitched is your news and you should be the first to make it Facebook official, let’s be honest, despite what the government may think – you’re not married until Facebook says your married.

Secondly – you look hott and you want the first photo that emerges on the world wide web to be one that your amazing photographer took – it’s got the dreaming lighting and the perfect smile and they whole we’re-so-in-love vibe going on.

That’s the shot you want all of those uninvited co-workers to first see when they’re stalking for wedding photos. You do not want the blurry, unflattering-as-hell photo that Becky snapped as you dashed past her down the aisle to be anywhere near the internet.

Stop Becky from stealing you thunder by telling her to put that phone away.

We know Backy and great aunt Marthar love you – and they really do love you – but they just don’t realise that you’ve paid professionals and who have got the whole ‘capturing your wedding’ thing under control – so the burden of saving the memories isn’t resting on the shoulders of your guests. They also don’t realise that, as awesome and as skilled as we are, we can’t film you if they are standing in the way. Unburden them from the responsibility of being an armature wedding photographer and videographer and, for the love of all that is holy, save your photo-happy loved ones from themselves.

And just to drive the point home a little further – you might want to take a look at this:

If you are keen to unplug your ceremony we highly recommend you take a three step approach to informing your guests – people sometimes need to be told things a few times to really have the message sink in…

  1. Mention on your wedding invitation or on your wedding website that you’re having an unplugged ceremony. They can take photos with you after the ceremony but not during the ceremony – this will give them a heads up before the day.
  2. Have a sign at the ceremony as the guests enter reminding that it’s an unplugged ceremony – if you Google/Pinterest ‘Unplugged Wedding’ you’ll see a thousand cute and cool ways to display this message.
  3. Ask your celebrant to announce at the beginning of ceremony that it’s an unplugged ceremony and explain why.

Good luck and may the force be with you.