10 Reasons Why You NEED A Wedding Videographer

You didn’t think twice about booking a professional photographer to capture all the special and magical moments for your wedding day – so why wouldn’t you lock in a great wedding videographer too?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – when we got married we didn’t have a wedding videographer.

Shocking I know! It was back before we started PipeWolf Weddings and we went for the classic ‘professional wedding photographer and friends shooting amateur video for us’ combination.

To be honest – we didn’t even look into having a wedding videographer, we just assumed it would be too expensive.
I wish that I’d at least explored the idea – in hindsight I would have happily switched the budget around to make it work.

Our wedding photos are beautiful but our photos didn’t capture the heartfelt speeches, the love in our voices when we exchanged our vows, the creative dance moves our friends came up with and the special moments and glances which happened when we weren’t looking and are sadly now gone forever.

At the end of the day, when the wedding is over, it’s the person who you get to spend the rest of your life with that really matters – but you’re only going to have this first day of your marriage once and trust us – you’ll want to relive and remember it as much as you possibly can.

As a regretful bride who has become a ‘I wish I hired a wedding videogapher’ statistic here are TEN things I wish I thought about before I got married:

1. Not Everyone Will Be Able To Make It On The Day

Most people have friends or relatives who live overseas or have a prior commitment and sadly won’t be there to celebrate with you on your big day.
Even if all your guests RSVP ‘yes’ to your wedding – things pop up and sometimes dear loved ones can’t always be there by your side.

It’s heartbreaking when things don’t work out as you’d like but a wedding film is the perfect way to share your entire day with them in such a powerful way they’ll feel like they were there after all.

BONUS TIP: We also offer live streaming so your loved ones can watch your wedding in real time from the other side of the wold!

2. Births, Deaths and Marriages

I know it’s not a nice thought, but your grandparents sadly won’t live forever. How beautiful it would be to have them filmed dancing with you, smiling as you walk down the aisle and kissing you on the cheek like they have a thousand times before.

On the flip side not everyone you want to share your wedding day with is in existence yet! Think about your future children…I’m sure when they are older they’ll love watching your wedding film and seeing everyone looking so young and those crazy fashion crazes!

Plus – how often are you all together? You’re both inviting your grandparents, parents, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, little kids, newborn babies and awkward teenagers. They may never all be in the same place at the same time ever again.

3. It’s Over In A Flash

So many couples say the day is over in a flash – and it’s true!

There is so much going on, so many emotions, so many people, so many big, life changing moments that you can’t possibly take it all in on the day.
You want a professional wedding videographer who is there to capture all the small details for you. They’re outside the emotion of the day and free to keep an eye out for those key moments you’ll want to remember.

Also a wedding film is great for fact checking in the future! Wondering if that person did come or what someone said in their speech? Watch the tape for an instant replay.

4. How Good Is Your Memory?

Can you remember what you had for breakfast yesterday? What about what you did this time last week? Do you remember the speeches people gave at your 21st birthday party? Can you remember if you had a 21st birthday party?

Our memories fade – even the moments we want to freeze frame forever eventually become a bit vague.

Ok, you can’t frame your wedding film and hang it on your wall for a daily reminder of what was said when you exchanged your vows – but you can watch it over and over again and let the memories come flooding back.

Remind yourself why you got married – watch your film on your wedding anniversary and celebrate the day it all began.

5. You Won’t Experience Everything

On your wedding day you’re going to be focused on getting married. So much will be happening all around you but, unless you’ve got eyes in the back of your head, you’ll miss most of it.

You’ll miss the expression on your parents faces, your bridal party entering the reception and the flower girl dancing in the background during your first dance.

Thankfully your wedding videographer is a pro and has experience in capturing the candid moments happening all around you.

6. All The Things Photos Can’t Record

Every time I edit a wedding film I’m always blown away by how many memories and moments would be lost if the couple didn’t hire a wedding videographer.

Photos are essential, but they can’t record sound, they can’t record movement, they won’t capture the gasps, the jokes, the glances, the music, the dance moves, the beaming smiles, the high-fives…all the things that just work better in motion.

7. Buckets of Tears

Watch a well crafted wedding film and you’ll feel like you were there. You’ll feel like the bride and groom are your best friends as tears well up and you laugh your way through the speeches.

That’s the power of a professional wedding film – it bottles the emotion, the raw energy of the day is preserved with so much authenticity even strangers will feel it.

8. Facebook Friendly 

In the 80’s wedding videographers would create these long boring videos on VHS which most couples would struggle to watch more than once themselves let alone asking their friends to watch it with them.

This is why you want a highlight film included in your videography package. A short (5-10 min) film which you can share on social media.
You’ll watch and share your highlight film all the time – you honestly will.

9. Uncle Bob Has A Camcorder 

Don’t be fooled by your videographers small camera and lack of bulky, heavy equipment. They are professionals with pro-equipment and pro-skills which blows Uncle Bob’s camcorder out of the water.

You want your videographer to be focused on filming – not chatting to long-lost relatives and eating canapés. The tricky thing about getting a family member or friend to capture your day is that you can’t expect them to be as focused and on the ball as a professional would be.

While your heading off to your honeymoon your videographer is just getting started – they will spend 40 – 80 hours working on your wedding film.
Sure a cheap videographer might feel nice for the budget – but this is a step you don’t want to skimp on. No matter how good the footage is, if the editing is rushed, inexperienced or lazy you’re going to be disappointed.

When you book your wedding videographer, you’re paying for their time, experience, creativity, knowledge and equipment.
Crafting a wedding film is an art form – it’s a form of story telling and taking short cuts unfortunately won’t give you the happy ending you’re hoping for.

10. Ice The Cake

You’ve come this far – you’ve found the love of your life, decided to spend your lives together, spent a mountain of time and money planning your wedding day – you’ve done all the hard work, and now it’s time to add some gorgeous icing and pop that cherry on top by hiring a wedding videographer.

Follow your heart and go with your gut. Don’t pick someone because they are the cheapest. Find a videographer who creates films you love and resonate with. Choose a videographer who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Don’t become a ‘I wish I hired a wedding videogapher’ statistic – get in touch with us today!